Sonoran Farmer is a site that I created to share my learning experiences about eating the native foods available in the Sonoran Desert.  I will also be sharing how to cultivate the various food producing plants.

I want to help build awareness about the nutritious foods that are available to desert dwellers in their backyard, literally.  I think that most desert dwellers do not realize how much food is around them, or if they do, they are unsure where to look for information.  My goal is to help with the learning curve, as some of our native plants can seem intimidating at first.  My goal is to have readers appreciate the cactus and other native plants instead of viewing them as nuisances. In fact, I am not a native of the Sonoran Desert, but I was so intrigued by the vegetation that I had to cure my insatiable thirst.  I am surprised that I know more about the foods here than a lot of the people that were born and raised here!

Remember to exercise caution when you are amongst the desert plants and respect  the wildlife, as they can cause you great harm if you do not (like rattlesnakes).  Most will not bother you unless you threaten them though.  Also. this wouldn’t be an appropriate desert warning without mentioning to stay hydrated and protect yourself from the sun!

Note:  Sometimes a link to another site may be an affiliate link, meaning that Sonoran Farmer will receive a commission if something is purchased.

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